Shining Light on the Twilight Saga

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Last night, while at the movie theatre with my husband, we were nearly overcome by the crowd of young teenage girls and adult women (!) who were there to indulge their latest fiction fantasy: the new Twilight movie, New Moon. “`New Moon’ wolfs down $140.7M in opening weekend,” boasts the Associated Press headline today.  Twilight is an […]

A Mind is a Precious Thing to Waste

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Real Simple This post may be unpopular. But the Spirit is burning in my heart, and I feel compelled to speak. Consider the strength of your mind. Your mind is among the most valuable things you have, for “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.” Our minds set the course of our […]

The Sabbath “Experiment”

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Hi, friends. I have been thinking a lot about moments and rest and I am still asking, “What is this moment for?” (Please see that post first.) Some of you are, too. I thought I would share some Sabbath thoughts with you so far this year. I began reading this book during the first week […]