Sorcery, Media, and our Children

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Hollywood knows it–there is an undeniable appetite for supernatural content. And since it has long abandoned the God of Scripture, media-creators have rushed to fill the vacuum with endless books, movies, and media featuring other supernatural beings. The recent explosion in media focusing on vampires, dragons, ghosts, fairies, witches, and sorcerers meets such a demand. Our children are […]

For the woman or man who says, “I regret seeing Fifty Shades of Gray. Now, what?”

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image courtesy of examiner.com After the box office record-breaking weekend for Fifty Shades of Gray, the dust is beginning to settle. You have heard the hype, perhaps eyed the trailer, and by now, you’ve likely heard that this movie is not a sweet romantic story as depicted. It is a movie centering around violent sex, […]

Jesus Loves the Little Children

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Remember when it used to be all about you?  You as a single woman, or you two as a married couple?  When you would have friends over for a meal and no little people would tug on your company’s jeans and ask to show her doll collection or Sesame Street lunchbox?  Or read Green Eggs […]

Will the dust praise you?

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After a long break from writing, I want and need to write again…With two delightful daughters, 2.5 and just-turned-one, much has changed, yet the desire to process my thoughts with words has not.  If you are blessed by my journey, then please come along. ********* I awoke on New Year’s Day to math in my […]

Moving Beyond Your To-Do List

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Remember how I likened motherhood to being dropped into the deep sea and told to swim to shore?  {Motherhood is also like winning the lottery, vacationing in Italy, having cupcakes for breakfast kind-of-wonderful.  But I am sharing the hard parts now.}  Let me explain a little secret I discovered in the midst of the hard […]

Shining Light on the Twilight Saga

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Last night, while at the movie theatre with my husband, we were nearly overcome by the crowd of young teenage girls and adult women (!) who were there to indulge their latest fiction fantasy: the new Twilight movie, New Moon. “`New Moon’ wolfs down $140.7M in opening weekend,” boasts the Associated Press headline today.  Twilight is an […]

A Mind is a Precious Thing to Waste

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Real Simple This post may be unpopular. But the Spirit is burning in my heart, and I feel compelled to speak. Consider the strength of your mind. Your mind is among the most valuable things you have, for “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.” Our minds set the course of our […]

The Sabbath “Experiment”

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Hi, friends. I have been thinking a lot about moments and rest and I am still asking, “What is this moment for?” (Please see that post first.) Some of you are, too. I thought I would share some Sabbath thoughts with you so far this year. I began reading this book during the first week […]

Nothing says ‘I Love You’ like Stuffed Peppers

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On Valentine’s Day, Dean took me out to a lovely dinner. I volunteered to return the favor and cook him a big Italian meal on Saturday night. My husband is 100% Italian (imagine!), and in his family, nothing says love quite like a pot of homemade sauce. So, I set out to spread the love. […]

The Value of a Life

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I have never been a Heath Ledger fan, per se. But news of his death last week has sat very heavy with me. Why, I wonder? Is it because he was my age (just 8 days younger than I)? Or was it his fame, the way that Hollywood and the media industry can project the […]